Boiler typewith feeder
Power range16, 22, 30, 40, 50 kW
5 CLASS16, 22, 30, 40, 50 kW -- Wood pellet with diameter 6-8 mm
ECODESIGN16, 30, 50 kW -- Wood pellet with diameter 6-8 mm
Standard equipmentAPC 3 ADAPTIVE CONTROL ADAPTIVE CONTROL control system, PID function, INTERNET module, NZ version for closed system, igniter, levelling legs, exhaust fan, system for mechanical cleaning of heat exchanger, pellet burner with automatic cleaning function
Optional equipmentGSM module, WIFI INTERNET module, DK LOGIC 100 regulator, room controller DEFRO SPK Lux, ST-292 v3 room controller, ST-292 v2 room controller, DEFRO MZ module, SPK Lux wireless regulator,set for wireless communication RS, automatic cleaning and ash removal system
Additional informationAdditional equipment components shall be added during ordering of the boiler because there is no possibility of installation in the future.