Standard equipmentControlleController ST 483K, levelling legs
Power range15, 20, 25 kW eco-pea coal 5-25 mm
5 CLASS15, 20, 25 kW eco-pea coal 5-25 mm
ECODESIGN15, 20, 25 kW eco-pea coal 5-25 mm
ControllerST 483K
Standard equipmentController ST 483K, levelling legs
Optional equipmentGSM module, INTERNET module, WIFI INTERNET module, regulator pokojowy ST-292 v3,ST-292 v2 room controller, ST-292 v3 room controller, DEFRO MZ module, regulator pokojowy DEFRO SPK Lux, SPK Lux wireless regulator, set for wireless communication RS
Additional informationWhen ordering KOMFORT EKO LUX boiler the customer should specify on which side the container should be located (right or left).